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Kimono Dress

$ 200

The Kimono Dress in Microsuede is classically inspired by the ease and geometry of the Asian garment. Though simple, this dress reveals attention to detail in the slightly dropped hem and twisting shoulder seam.

The microsuede fabric is incredibly soft to the touch while providing the stretch and comfort you need to move about during your day.

Designed and produced in Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Black

This Garment comes in One Size, measurements as follows…

Neckline Depth: 10 ½ ”
Back Shoulder: 13 ”
Sleeve Length: 8 ”
Bicep: 15 ”
Front Length: 38 ¾ ”
Back Length: 39 ”
Hip: 53 ”
Bust: 53 ”
Waist: 53 ”
Belt: 73 ½ “


95% polyester 5% Elastic

Machine wash

Tumble dry low

Ethically sourced from Japan

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